NestAway FAQs

Is NestAway safe for birds? 

Yes, NestAway contains no chemicals nor spikes, making it safe for your home and for birds.

Do I need any special tools to install?

NestAway is so simple, you can install in minutes. Our foam barriers discreetly fill the gap between the beams and the awning. Simply cut to fit into place with a sharp kitchen or utility knife. 


What comes with my NestAway Kit?  

NestAway comes with 4 foam barriers and 15 weather-proof ties.

Is NestAway safe for my home?

Yes, NestAway simply fills the gap between the awning beam and the top of the awning. 


Does NestAway interfere with my awning?

No, NestAway conveniently fits the space between the beam and the awning roll. It doesn't interfere with the functionality of the awning. Its sole purpose is to prevent nesting from pesky birds. 

Does Nestaway work with all awnings?

Yes, NestAway can be cut to size with a kitchen or utility knife and fits any size awning.

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